I've always loved playing with beads and creating beautiful jewellery. I've decided to expand my passion and take this one step further to create gorgeous gifts that you can indulge in yourself or share with friends and or family. Diamonds are a girls best friend but I couldn't afford to provide you with diamonds (well not just yet anyway!) so I've incorporated 'Swarovski' crystals and pearls to add that touch of elegance for you. What girl doesn't love bling?? I hope you enjoy browsing my blog and I would appreciate it if you could take some time to leave me your thoughts and comments.
(I DO ship overseas. Email me with your order for a quote.)

25 August 2010

NEW Bookmarks!

Hi all. I hope you're all well and creating like crazy! :) I have. Check out my new bookmarks with swarovski crystals.
There is only 1 of each at the moment to see how they go. You can choose between 6 colours and 2 different charms. Rose or Cross.

I've kept prices low as I got a good price and have passed this on to YOU! The next lot may not be as low in price as these.
$6.00ea with $2.00 postage Aust wide. $3.00 for overseas buyers.
Great for a little gift, teacher gift, stocking fillers and don't forget the avid readers and the Grandparents! Chirstmas is quickly sneeking up on us all.
You can order these bookmarks on my facebook page or you can pop me an email.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my creations.


20 August 2010

My Poor fingers!!

Well I've been creating like crazy and working my fingers to the bone since my mail man delivered my goodies this morning! FUN!!
Thank you for all the wonderful feed back on the 'Nappy Bag Bling'. Yes I will be keeping this line and adding it to the store.
I have now created some 'little kids' bag bling for their school and kindy bags.

These are only 5cm (2 inches long) NOT including the lanyard. I've made both the boy and girl one a mix of helix glass beads. If your girls are anything like mine they have a 'new' favourite colour every day!! lol. I've made them a bit stronger by attaching it to some chain. These can easily be attached to a zipper or ring on their bags.
These I can sell for only $3.50ea plus postage of $2.00 (Aust) and $3.00 (O/S).
Great for stocking fillers or a little gift for a friend.
Let me know what you think??

Hugs, xo

Do you like these??

I'm trying out new avenues for Charms by Kylie products.
I've created this gorgeous little 'Nappy Bag Bling' which will be available in Blue, Pink or Mixed Swarovski 4mm crystals.
It's on a mobile lanyard so you can easily attach it to a zipper or rings on the nappy bag.
I've gotten some really good feedback via my facebook page and even have a couple of orders. Just wanting to know what you guys think of it too.
I can keep the price down low to $6.00 each but postage will have to be added. It's still only $2.00 postage and I can fit a few things in a small post bag.

Let me know what you think.
Now, what to create next? Any ideas or suggestions??


10 August 2010

Bargain Buys-SOLD OUT!!


Sorry, I know that's not good for you but hey, it's certainly good for me :)


04 August 2010

Swarovski Pearl Wine Charms

Adding some new Wine Glass Charms to the store today.
Just love the feel of the Swarovski pearls. The quality is just beautiful.
I've designed a set of 6 Silver Wine Glass Charms with a round rose charm. The Swarovski pearls are mixed so everyone gets a different colour for their drink.

Burgundy Pearl

Order in side bar

$16.50 set
only 3 available