I've always loved playing with beads and creating beautiful jewellery. I've decided to expand my passion and take this one step further to create gorgeous gifts that you can indulge in yourself or share with friends and or family. Diamonds are a girls best friend but I couldn't afford to provide you with diamonds (well not just yet anyway!) so I've incorporated 'Swarovski' crystals and pearls to add that touch of elegance for you. What girl doesn't love bling?? I hope you enjoy browsing my blog and I would appreciate it if you could take some time to leave me your thoughts and comments.
(I DO ship overseas. Email me with your order for a quote.)

24 July 2010


WOW and WELCOME  to my 'new' blog.
Firstly I think we need a standing ovation for the very talented Heather!
Heather from Individual Blog Banners designed my new blog for me. I told her what my blog was all about and some styles I liked and then voila! Look what she created! Isn't she amazing?
Go check her out. You can grab her button on the side or even MY new button that Heather created especially for ME!! Whoo hoo, I'm so excited and can't wait to bring you some bling to enjoy!



  1. Congrats on getting this all set up - so excited for you. Thanks for putting up my Etsy store link on your blog too - hugs

  2. GREAT JOB Darl LOVE the whole lot of them hugs and kisses from Mum

  3. Woohoo, congrats on the launch of your beadlery page, they are gorgeous hunny bunches!!!

  4. urdu mein falon ke naam


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